Classes cancelled

Sorry to let you down, but the following classes are cancelled as I’m not well…..

Mon (11th) Temple Sowerby Pilates

Tue (12th) Appleby grammar school Tough butt & Pilates

Sorry x

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Choose your sweaty…..

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Starting back soon…….

sep classes

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Break time Pilates

Here’s a little routine to keep you flexible & moving over the break.I have only done 2 or 3 reps of each to demo, but you could increase the amount if you have more time, and make it into a little session.

đź–¤Cat đź–¤
Thread throughđź–¤Kneeling swimđź–¤Kneeling ab crunchđź–¤Rest to pressđź–¤Hundredđź–¤Side series (R) – lift/kick/clamđź–¤Single leg stretchđź–¤Criss crossđź–¤Side series (L)đź–¤Alternate leg extensionđź–¤Shoulder bridgeđź–¤

This little routine provides spinal mobility & rotation, balance, alignment & strength. Working back, upper body, abs, obliques & leg muscles.

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Summer 🌞 classes

Mon 29 Jul -Temple Sowerby Pilates 7.30pm

Tue 30 Jul -Appleby grammar school – Pilates 7.30pm

Wed 31 Jul -Bolton village hall -HIIT & Pilates 9.30/10.15am

Tue 20 Aug -Appleby grammar school – Pilates ‘intense’ 7 -7.30pm

Wed 21 Aug – Bolton village hall – HIIT & Pilates 9.30/10.15am

Wed 28 Aug – Bolton village hall – HIIT & Pilates 9.30/10.15am

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New class……..

A new 30 minute class coming soon….

  • Pilates inspired
  • Strength led
  • Express session

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You can…….it’s free!!!

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